Rates & Options



1. SALMON TRIPS: $225 per person (April through Aug 18th) – SALMON SEASON OPENS APRIL 2ND! BOOK NOW! 

2. Rock fish & Ling Cod- near shore trips: $200 per person.(near shore is within 5 miles of harbor) TACO RUN!!! YUM!!! If you would like to try for Halibut on this trip ? Price would be adjusted to $250. “It’s called the trifecta trip”

3. Deep water rock fish trips $225 per person (April through December)

4. After noon near shore rock fish and lingcod:$155 per person(May 1st through December) -This is a 3 to 4 hour trip.

5. -Ano Nuevo Trips are $250 per person (4 person minimum)

6. Halibut & Sea Bass Trips: $225 per person (April through October)

7. Rock Cod/Crab Combo Trips: $250 per person (November through December)

8. Dungeness crab trips only : $150 per person (November through June 30th)

9. Albacore & Bluefin Tuna Trips: $350 per person (August through December)


  • Gratuity is not included in our pricing. 20 to 25 % is standard for cost of trip.
    * We have a boat minimum of 3 persons for near shore rock fish and ling cod and a 4 person minimum for the Deep water rock fish & lingcod…
    Boat minimum  is $600…
    If you would like to do sunset cruise it is $400. This is a no fishing 2 hour cruise.
    Refund Policy